Hey guys,

I have tweaked a few things this morning, So i figured I would let you know whats going on.

First of, I am not a Super competent Developer. Scotticus is the Lead Dev and will remain in that role as he is 100x better than I am.

The changes I HAVE made however are:

A Big Drop in all the EXP Rates. It will take a bit longer to max your character now. Feedback on this is appreciated.

I Have tweaked the way firemaking and woodcutting works. I Belive I have got them working a bit nicer.

In response to farming and Herblore not connecting properly I have started work on a shop that should have everything you will need to get 99 herb.

I have contacted a client deveoper to get the client resizable, And Add multi language support (Andreas )

I am also working on :-

A Set of ingame perks for our donators, (What you will get per rank VS Item cost)

I am also looking at adding a script to tidy up Farming so it will work better.


I am currently Hiring Moderators and GFX Artists for development work / Advertisment work.

Message me on the forums for more information.

Kind Regards

XLCX Owner, Community Managment Team