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Thread: Welcome back!

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    Welcome back!

    Welcome back to the nostalgia of XlightcoreX A 317 Runescape private server loading 562 Data!

    Myself and Timimons are putting a lot of work and effort into bringing the server back to you for your enjoyment

    Many thanks to Timimons for funding a server!

    Timimons will retain the rank of owner as he is an original founding member of XlightcoreX

    Understandably some people may of moved past RSPS And gone on to live good lives - The same occurred for myself other than thinking back when we had 400+ Players online at one time this name and brand of XlightcoreX Has always held a special place in my heart.

    Other than getting married and 3 Kids later I haven't been that busy (Honest!)

    I may not be able to pile drive the time I once did into XlightcoreX As one of my children is disabled and I must put my family first

    Other than that myself and Timimons aren't interested in any monetary gain and would just like the community to grow to the strong point it once was!

    You can play in an ALPHA Like stage right now by downloading the JAR:

    In recent years browsers no longer support webclients due to several security issues so the JAR Client is the only way to play!

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    In addition to this if you register on the forum you will need to wait for manual approval due to the rise of spambots!

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    As Scotticus has stated above,

    Welcome back to XLightcoreX. Alot has changed in the last 7 years.

    Alot of you will now be where I was when Lightcore opened and will now be buying your first cars, Undertaking higher education and travelling.

    Personally I have finished TWO University Degrees and work fulltime in a Nursing Supervisor Capacity. But I will make myself available to bring back the good old days.

    In the coming weeks We will be laying out a plan of updates and changes to make the server something to be proud of again. In the mean time have a blast blowing each other up!

    Currently I will be focusing on getting the forums and a teamspeak setup. If you have any suggestions throw them into the Suggestion category and We will happpily read them

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